Pastor Dave Mikulsky

I highly endorse Patti Damiani as a personal coach as well as her coaching training Workshops.  Having known Patti for several years, I’ve had varied opportunities to see her coach; work alongside with her on the Board of Directors of RW360; and as a participant in one of her online coaching courses. She is an extremely gifted coach, counselor, and instructor.

After 30+ years of ministry, I have found her Coaching Workshop for Christian leader” a MUST for anyone in ministry.   Just learning the coaching skill of how to ask quality questions has improved my pastoral and counseling effectiveness immensely. It has also benefited my own marriage!  My only regret was that I did not have these tools 30 years ago.

Mike Haury - Lead Pastor

Patti is masterful at asking questions and presenting relational principles with clarity, graciousness, and humor. As a Pastor, I highly recommend utilizing Patti’s skills to help men and women in churches, corporations, and government agencies learn how to better communicate, foster richer teamwork, and bring greater success and satisfaction. I continue to be coached by Patti because I get better results with the people I love. People find me more approachable because I listen better and employ a more skillful way of leading them to discover the best answers for themselves

Kim B

Patti is a wonderful Relational Wisdom coach.  In discussing relationships and circumstances unique to my circumstances, she demonstrated an incredible ability to drill down to the heart of the matter and ask the questions that reveal all of the emotions and motives involved.  She listened to understand and then offered wise counsel wrapped in grace.  Her knowledge of God’s Word, sense of humor, and humble spirit, combined with her passion to see me in right relationship with God, myself, and others, allowed her to be amazingly effective in encouraging me to be relationally wise."

RW Coaching Client

As a new manager, working with Patti has been a real eye-opener when handling employee interactions and issues. I have been able to implement the techniques I have learned from Relational Wisdom in my day-to-day.

Koreen D - Co-Owner of Medical Practice

God brought Patti into my life at just the right time and she has been instrumental in helping me learn how to be a more effective communicator in both my personal and professional life as an office manager. Patti’s coaching style and willingness to walk me through some very difficult situations has challenged me to become more self aware, others aware and God aware. She has taught me new communication skills and has inspired me to want to do better relationally. I appreciate Patti combining her own personal life experiences, God’s Word, and a healthy dose of humor as she PATIENTLY teaches me how to become more relationally wise.

Church Staff Leader

I was able to use the DiSC assessment personally and along with co-workers.  It was a very helpful description of how we are individually, what drives and guides the work we do and how we can best work together.  I feel the DiSC assessment was accurate and helpful to me personally and professionally.


Optimus Prosthetics, Inc.

Our entire staff has enjoyed working with Patti and developing EQ skills.  Over two years, we have been moving the organization from a functional silo to a cross functional team structure.  Good communication and conflict management skills have helped us become more productive.  Despite operating in a patient-based industry during COVID, the team has bonded well and worked through the pandemic with no disruptions.  We attribute our effectiveness this year to our improved communication and interpersonal skills learned by working with Patti.

Lisa N. - Nurse, Church leader, Homeschooling Mom


I came to Patti when I was exhausted, with no hope for several of my relationships, and I was ready to give up.  Within even just the first few meetings I was given insight and tools that quickly turned my life around and filled me with hope.  Within just a few months I was able to process years of challenging situations that had weighed me down, I was able to break free, and I was able to experience joy and peace like never before.  I wish I had done this 20 years ago but I'm thankful I did while there was still time to redeem relationships.