Better Teams… One Conversation at a Time

Yes, I can work with your entire team. We can meet together as a team and break out with individual leaders. I can customize a process to move you and your team toward becoming both cohesive and productive.

Are you struggling with….

  • Teams lacking cohesiveness?
  • Combatting obstacles in leadership?
  • Leading people with varying styles?
  • Conflict that interferes or stunts productivity?


Hi, I’m Patti and I’ve made it my life’s goal to improve relationships one conversation at a time.


People who work with me can generally expect to be able to: 

  • Leverage differences for better cohesiveness
  • Move forward productively
  • Effectively work with people's differing styles
  • Have productive conflict that works through issues rather than cause issues

Jon Jenks - President of Baptist Church Planters

Patti’s DiSC training materials stand on their own feet.  But it was her facilitation that really animated our team.  Each member has continued to make use of the teamworking tools provided.  She engaged well with each of us and fostered an “others” mentality such that each person left thinking through how to best set their colleagues up for success.

Mike Haury - Lead Pastor

Patti is masterful at asking questions and presenting relational principles with clarity, graciousness, and humor. As a Pastor, I highly recommend utilizing Patti’s skills to help men and women in churches, corporations, and government agencies learn how to better communicate, foster richer teamwork, and bring greater success and satisfaction. I continue to be coached by Patti because I get better results with the people I love. People find me more approachable because I listen better and employ a more skillful way of leading them to discover the best answers for themselves.

Doug Oaks

Our entire staff has enjoyed working with Patti and developing EQ skills.  Over two years, we have been moving the organization from a functional silo to a cross functional team structure.  Good communication and conflict management skills have helped us become more productive.  Despite operating in a patient-based industry during COVID, the team has bonded well and worked through the pandemic with no disruptions.  We attribute our effectiveness this year to our improved communication and interpersonal skills learned by working with Patti.

I can work with you individually or as a team, or provide training. Just schedule an Inquiry Call with me.