Better Relationships… One Conversation at a Time

Are you struggling with….

  • Adversarial relationships? Unresolved conflict?
  • Difficult conversations that never go anywhere?
  • Criticism? People notice what's wrong more than what's right?


Hi, I’m Patti and I’ve made it my life’s goal to improve relationships one conversation at a time.

What benefits can you expect?

People who work with me can generally expect: 

  • Deep peace - in spite of occasional unresolved differences.
  • Clarity and confidence during difficult conversations
  • Mutual respect and harmony
  • A growth mindset: Turning criticism into opportunity


› Begin with an initial session to establish your desired goals

› Assess your strengths and weaknesses in EQ
› Discover blind spots
› Discover your communication style
› Discover what others need that you are not aware of



› Develop your EQ skills
› Learn how to respond to criticism effectively
› Be able to put up healthy boundaries with people or work/life
› Have tough conversations wisely
› Learn productive conflict skills



› Expanded influence - people now want your input
› Healthier conversations
› Improved relationships
› Stronger teams
› More productive outcomes


I can work with you individually or as a team, or provide training. Just schedule an Inquiry Call with me.